Advanced Prostate Cancer

Advanced Prostate Cancer/

The Need To Expand Research Into Pre-hab Therapy Prior To Cancer Treatment

There is a lot of evidence that pre-treatment rehabilitation (prehabilitation or pre-hab) both speeds up and benefits a patient’s recovery after surgical orthopedic treatment for knee and hip replacement as well as cardiac conditions. Having pre-hab, which is often covered by insurance after orthopedic surgery, is pretty standard.

Now, based on an article published in Kaiser Health News, cancer survivors who do pre-hab prior to their beginning treatment may recover more quickly from surgery, chemotherapy or radiation. Despite this there is little, if any, insurance coverage for cancer treatment pre-hab. Our current medical insurance system is not designed to treat future […]

Long-Term Survival And Good QOL Is Possible in Prostate Cancer With Bone Mets

The development of bone metastases is often been viewed as having significant negative implications for long term survival in men with metastatic castrate resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC). It is generally believed that bone metastases prognosticates a negative impact on both their quality of life and on survival.

Contradicting this commonly held belief has been some research which has identified a subgroup of men with mCRPC who have with bone metastases who still experience a long-term, positive response to hormone therapy (ADT) while also maintaining an acceptable quality of life for 10 years or more!

In a Swedish study conducted by Rami Klaff, […]

Remembering Andrew And Learning From A 28 Year Old Wise Man

Yesterday, my younger son Max, who is 28 years old, went to the funeral of a fraternity brother. Actually, the young man, Andrew, had been a member of his pledge class at the University of Michigan.

Andrew, who was also 28 years old, died of Pediatric Brain Cancer.  Andrew had battled this disease for over three years and despite two significant rallies the cancer eventually overwhelmed his body. Andrew knew that his death was imminent. His doctors informed him and his family that they no longer had any available means to keep him alive and that at best he should assume […]

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Are You Having Trouble Getting Early Access To Chemotherapy?

At last year’s American Society of Clinical Oncologists (ASCO) Annual Meeting there was data released from the STAMPEDE trial which should change clinical practice around the world. The trial results showed that newly diagnosed men with very aggressive prostate cancer that was still hormone therapy naive (no ADT) would have a very significant survival advantage by proceeding directly to chemotherapy along with ADT.

Recently, I found out that men in the United Kingdom (UK) were having difficulty getting this early chemotherapy since it is only approved for men who have become castrate resistant. To say that this is frustrating would be […]