Advanced Prostate Cancer

Advanced Prostate Cancer/

Three Videos Of Interest To The Prostate Cancer Community

Recently our long time partner, Patient Power ( has produced a number of videos that are of significant interest to all members of the prostate cancer community. Darryl Mitteldorf, Executive Director of Malecare talks about Malecare and what it does for men with cancer at: Darryl Mitteldorf, founder of the National LGBT Cancer Project talks about the importance of the project for the LGBT community at: Joel Nowak, Director of Advocacy and Advanced Prostate Cancer Programs from Malecare participates in a panel discussion moderated by Dr. Tomasz Beer with Drs. Emmanuel Antonarakis and Russell Szmulewitz about the high [...]

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From A Survivor of 5 Primary Cancers Wishing You Just Joy Today, Tomorrow and the Next Tomorrow

Don't let today's joy be stolen by tomorrow's worries. Tomorrow can steal today, but only if you forget that tomorrow has not yet come. I will be happy and joyful today and tomorrow, tomorrow's worries will just have to wait until tomorrow or maybe even the next tomorrow because I don't have any extra room in my life. Happy, Joyful Father's Day and the next and the next and the next to all. -Joel  

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Decatur Memorial Hospital Now Offers A C-11 Choline PET CT To Men With Recurrent Prostate Cancer

According to a press release from the Decatur Memorial Hospital in Decatur Ill., after their having completed a clinical trial evaluating C-11 Choline PET CT and in men who have suffered a biochemical relapse of prostate cancer, they are now offering the C-11 Choline PET CT commercially. C-11 Choline uses an FDA approved tracer which, after injection, highlights more precisely than current tracers the location of prostate cancer tumors. This technology might allow men experiencing an early prostate cancer recurrence to “go after” these tumors before they spread even farther into the body. In the largest published study in the [...]

Social Security Disability Insurance and Prostate Cancer

Men who have been diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer and as a result are unable to work may be able to qualify for social security disability benefits.  Under the current regulations any man who is metastatic, has late stage, and/or terminal prostate cancer should automatically meet the SSA’s eligibility requirements for disability benefits. If you have late stage prostate cancer you should be able to receive a confirmation of their benefits within a few weeks of making your application.  When making decisions the SSA office relies on a standardized guide called the SSA Blue Book. Prostate cancer appears under section [...]

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