Advanced Prostate Cancer

Advanced Prostate Cancer/

Intermittent Hormone Therapy Versus Continuous Hormone Therapy: a Meta-Analysis

Intermittent hormone therapy (IHT) as opposed to continuous hormone therapy (CHT) provides a better quality of life (QoL) for men with locally advanced prostate cancer. However, there is a debate created by a few major research protocols that have been inconclusive as to the difference in achieving the ultimate goal, survival despite prostate cancer.

Researchers from China have reported the results of a meta-analysis they performed of a randomized controlled trial that evaluated the effectiveness of IHT versus CHT for men with locally advanced prostate cancer.

In their study the primary endpoint was overall mortality and the secondary endpoints included disease progression, […]

Chemotherapy in Very Elderly Men with Metastatic Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer

Clinical trials for treatment of men with advanced prostate cancer often don’t include men who are considered very elderly (aged over 80 years). So, even if we know that a treatment is tolerable and effective in the average man, we can not assume that it would also be in the very elderly, especially in reference to its tolerability.

Many men who are over 80 years are considered for treatment with chemotherapy with docetaxel. However, is docetaxel a good choice of a drug for men who are very elderly, we don’t have any research answering this important question.

A retrospective study was performed […]

Perioperative Complications following Artificial Urinary Sphincter Placement After Prostate Cancer Surgery

Urinary incontinence post-prostatectomy is a too common complaint from men. Although the actual degree of incontinence suffered ranges from being minor, or a simple and small amount of post urination dribble, to a complete and total inability to control any urine flow, the most bothersome issues that significantly affects a man’s quality of life (QoL) is when the incontinence is at the extreme.

Currently, we have two methods add to urinary control in those men who suffer the most, those with minimal or no urinary control. These methods include the surgical implantation of a “Male Sling” or the surgical implantation of […]

Role of Anxiety Reduction in Men with a Prostate Cancer Recurrence

Increasingly, we have become better informed about the possible role of psychological and spiritual interventions in the treatment of cancer, specifically for this post in men with locally advanced prostate cancer. This post is limited to just discussing the possible interventions specifically in men with a Biochemical Prostate Cancer Recurrence, commonly referred to as a PSA only recurrence.

Men who have this type of recurrence are asymptomatic, or they have no symptoms. Their only indication of a prostate cancer recurrence is a rising PSA. Despite the current research (CaPSURE, showing that early intervention does not extend survival, most men want […]