Advanced Prostate Cancer

Advanced Prostate Cancer/

PET/CT Scans More Sensitive Than CT and Bone Scans For Detecting Metastatic Prostate Cancer

According to an article in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine, researchers compared a PET/CT scan using the radiotracer F-18 DCFBC to conventional imaging modalities — an expanded Tc-99m-methylene diphosphonate (MDP) bone scan and contrast-enhanced CT of the chest, abdomen and pelvis — to detect prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSMA), which is associated with prostate cancer metastases.

In a study of 17 men the researchers found that the F-18 DCFBC PET scans were able to detect a larger number of prostate cancer lesions than the other imaging modalities. The researchers found 592 positive lesions compared to 520 identified by the other methods. They […]

Combination Chemotherapy And ADT In Hormone Sensitive Prostate Cancer Betters Survival and the Quality Of Life

There is a paradigm shift happening around us in the clinical care of men with metastatic hormone-sensitive prostate cancer. We now know that survival is better when docetaxel chemotherapy is added to androgen-deprivation therapy (ADT), but there have been and still remains concerns about the toxicity of the docetaxel.
Recent findings from a new study, however, show that the adverse events experienced by men who have chemotherapy at this stage tends to be are short-lived and that, overall, men treated with ADT and docetaxel continue to enjoy a high quality of life as well as an extension of their life.
However, this […]

PSA Values For Prostate Cancer Diagnosis In Men Who Are HIV Positive Might Be Different Than For Men Who Are Not HIV Positive

In General the use of a PSA value in excess of 4.0 µg/L is considered a clinical indicator for men at risk for prostate cancer. But, is this a good prognostic indicator in men who are HIV Positive?

Researchers found that PSA was highly predictive of prostate cancer in men with HIV; however the commonly used PSA value of greater than 4ng/mL to indicate high prostate cancer risk was not sensitive to the HIV population. It was found that the use of the lower cut-off of a diagnostic PSA to a number greater than 1. 5 ng/mL warrants consideration.

Antiviral therapy. 2016 […]

Can Radiotherapy (Radiation) for the Primary Tumors Benefit Men With Prostate CancerWith Distant Metastasis at Initial Diagnosis?

The common belief is that if you are diagnosed with prostate cancer that has already developed metastases only a systemic treatment will provide a life extending benefit. In other cancers it has been shown that the treatment of the primary tumor improves survival (tumor debulking).

To find out if, in fact radiotherapy treatment of the primary tumor in prostate cancer with distant metastasis would provide a similar positive benefit, researchers evaluated the efficacy and toxicity of radiotherapy of the primary tumor in prostate cancer in men with metastasis.

The study included 140 men with metastatic prostate cancer at initial diagnosis. Metastatic sites […]