Gleason Score

From Active Surveillance to Metastatic Prostate Cancer – Know The Risks As You Decide

Historically, too many men were haphazardly treated for prostate cancer. Happily, the incidents of over treatment have been declining and the general acceptance of Active Surveillance has emerged as the preferred management strategy for men with very low–risk prostate cancer. However, There is still too few high-quality comparative effectiveness studies evaluating the incremental risks associated with or active surveillance. In a prospective study published in the Journal of Urology, researchers reported the risk men face of developing metastatic disease. They evaluated a large, mature, active surveillance cohort. It was reported that, at median follow-up of 6 years, 3.1% of men [...]

Short Term Androgen Therapy Might Be Better For More Aggressive Gleason Grade Prostate Cancer

In a recently published commentary about the optimal type of multi-modal hormone therapy for Gleason grade 4 and 5 prostate cancer the author addressed the discordance between results of several randomized trials evaluating survival benefit of continuous androgen deprivation therapy in men with high-risk disease. The study found that after combining data from multiple trials, it was suggested that long-term vs short-term androgen deprivation therapy in prostate cancer may be most effective in men with Gleason grade 4 and less effective in men with Gleason grade 5 disease, dspite their cancer being more aggressive. This is a little surprising, but [...]

New Markers To Make Better Treatment Decisions For Prostate Cancer

Making treatment decisions once you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer is difficult. Often, it is impossible to accurately and reliably be able to predict the eventual course of the cancer. Prostate cancer, besides being one of the slower growing cancers, is also one of the deadliest. So good, informed decisions are vital. The original standby prognostic markers for prostate cancer are a man’s PSA, the stage of the cancer and their Gleason grade. Given the poor quality of these markers, in the 2000s, more sensitive markers were developed, such as PSA density, % of positive cores, % of cancer [...]

Data Supports A Radical Prostatectomy Option for Some Localized Advanced Prostate Cancer

I have often had men recently diagnosed with advanced, metastatic prostate cancer call me and ask if surgery makes any sense for them to consider. I have never been sure how to respond given that their cancer is known to be already out of their gland. In response to this common question, researchers from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., U.S had reported at a past American Urological Association (AUA) annual meeting that a radical prostatectomy (RP) for locally advanced prostate cancer (PCa) is technically feasible and is associated with good five- and 10-year outcomes. Dharam Kauschik, M.D. headed a [...]