Clinical Trials

Olaparib – Effective for Certain Genetic Metastatic Prostate Cancer Strains

I have talked a lot about our need to take the next step in clinical care, understanding the best sequencing of our drugs. Since we have a number of new drugs to treat advanced prostate cancer we now need to better understand which drugs should be used in which men as well as their proper sequencing. To do this we need to understand the genetic differences that our cancers have from each other. Cancer is a genetic disease and what we refer to, as prostate cancer is not one distinct disease, but it is many different diseases. To better sequence [...]

Soon To Launch in Dublin – GAP4 Clinical Trial of Exercise for Men with Advanced Prostate Cancer

Can exercise improve the quality of life of men with advanced prostate cancer and also extend their survival? To help answer this question a major new global trial known as GAP4 has been launched in Dublin, Ireland. The trial has a goal of recruiting 866 men from seven countries, including Ireland. The trial will be comprehensive with the researchers anticipating that it will take five-and-a-half years to complete. There is a constant accumulation of evidence that indicates that exercise has dramatic effects in relation to cancer prevention, as treatment and in preventing cancer from recurring. The goal of GAP4 is [...]

Doing Away with Some of the Myths Surrounding Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are vital if we expect to continue to see improvements in the treatments and medications that are available.  Unfortunately, there are some historical abuses in clinical trials so many people do approach them with a level of distrust.  In contemporary times the clinical trial system has many safeguards that did not exist even 10 years ago.  In addition to this concern, there remains many Myths which need to be clarified and set right.   MYTH: People who are in the control or placebo group will not receive treatment; they will only receive a sugar pill. FACT: All participants [...]

NCI Opens New Trial – Understanding Genetic Similarities In Different Cancers

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) announced a new trial to evaluate genetic similarities in a variety of cancer types. I think that this is a great trial, which those of us who might qualify for it should think about participating. Increasingly we are thinking that to define (name) a cancer just upon the affected body part limits our thinking, our ability to create new treatments as well as fully exploit existing treatments. Cancer is a genetic illness and we need to understand the commonalities that exist between the different cancers. This trial is a good step in that direction. It [...]