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Startling Fact: PSA Testing Frequency Changes PSA Doubling Time – A Time Honored Surrogate Biomarker is Not Valid!

In our quest to understand our prostate cancer we have developed many “measures” of our disease aggressiveness and progression.  Many of these measures are generally accepted has valid, but many have never been validated. One example is the prognostic nature of PSA Doubling Time (PSADT) in men with biochemically recurrent prostate cancer (BRPC or PSA only increases with negative scans).  PSADT is used as common intermediate endpoint for assessing the efficacy of therapies. A number of investigational agents appear to favorably effect PSADT, slowing of PSADT has also been observed in placebo-treated men. Researchers from Johns Hopkins Hospital theorized that [...]

Start A Cure Successfully Funds Its First Project – A Disparities Research Project from Johns Hopkins University

When I opened my computer this afternoon I checked the Malecare prostate cancer crowd-funding site to see how things were going. To my great pleasure I discovered that Start A Cure ( had achieved it first funding success! Sometime in the early afternoon some very kind individual made the pledge that completed the funding goal of one of our projects from Johns Hopkins University. The project, which is now funded will be conducted by Channing Judith Paller, M.D., Ph.D. It will analyze the stories of both black and white men first diagnosed with advanced disease. They will analyze the care [...]

Using Circulating Tumor Cells as a Prognostic Tool – Better than PSA

Better prediction tools to predict treatment outcome in men with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC) should significantly improve treatment outcomes. Without good predictive measures we often don't know when is the optimum time to stop a therapy and move to another. This means that we might maturely stop an effective treatment losing the effectiveness of the treatment. On the other hand without good measures we might continue a treatment which is not effective and allow the prostate cancer to flourish and grow stronger. A new study from Dr. Otakar Apoun, of the Department of Urology at General Teaching Hospital Charles [...]

Video Introduction of Start A Cure – A Crowd Funding Project to Support Cancer Research

I have shared with you information about  Malecare’s new prostate cancer research funding project called Start A Cure                                   ( ) in prior posts.  I want to remind you about the project and share a link of a video about the project. I was invited, along with Dr. Pallor of Johns Hopkins (one of our research investigators) to present the Start A Cure project as well as her specific research proposal at a recent disparities conference in Washington D.C.  My presentation describing the [...]

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