Finding Important Bio-Markers for Approved and Failed Drugs – Efficacy Improved and An Extended Life Rolled Up In One

Satraplatin is an oral platinum drug that is believed to bind the DNA of the cancer cell, which then prevents the cancer from being able to reproduce. Satraplatin had been tested in a phase III trial in men with metastatic castrate-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC) who have failed chemotherapy with docetaxel. It failed because it did not show a median survival benefit and was not approved by the FDA. Despite the lack of a demonstrable survival advantage additional analysis of the data showed Satraplatin was a drug that did show objective evidence that it works and inhibits tumor growth, but did [...]

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Discovery & Challenge: The State of Prostate Cancer Research A Roundtable Discussion with Leading U.S. Experts

Our own Alvin Chin, Prostate Cancer Survivor & Advocate, Virginia Prostate Coalition, joins oncologists Howard Scher MD, Donald S. Coffey, PhD, Peter S. Nelson, MD and representatives from research and the Pharma industry for a round table discussion April 23. You can make your voice heard by joining the conference by phone and emailing questions during the Q&A period. Hosted by the Prostate Cancer Foundation, this roundtable discussion will feature commentary from eight U.S. experts in the field of prostate cancer research and treatment. The program will focus on the following areas: * The current prevalence of prostate cancer * [...]

Malecare Provides Comments to Dr. Torti, the new Acting Director of the FDA

Last Friday's post included information about the recent appointment of Dr. Frank M. Torti as the Acting Director of the FDA. Dr. Torti has invited public comments about the future direction of the FDA. As a representative of Malecare, I have provided specific feedback to Dr. Torti. The following post includes my comments to him. You should consider taking advantage of this unusual opportunity to help shape the future of the FDA. Feel free to borrow the ideas behind Malecare's comments or to share your own personal concerns. Dr. Frank M. Torti, President Obama clearly supports government transparency. So do [...]

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Satraplatin Testimony

I thought that I would share the testimony I delivered at the recent FDA hearing on Satraplatin: My name is Joel T. Nowak. I am here today as a consumer and as a representative of the advocacy and educational group Malecare. Neither I, nor any member of my family have any financial interest nor received any support from the applicant. In the interest of fair disclosure, I do wish to add to the record that my primary oncologist is Dr. Daniel Petrylak, who is one of the researchers involved in these clinical trials. Unfortunately, I am very familiar with metastatic [...]