2nd line hormone therapy

///2nd line hormone therapy

*Does Avodart (Dutasteride) Allow Men on Intermittent Androgen Therapy To Have A Longer “Off Period”?

Researchers performed a randomized, placebo-controlled Phase II trial of men with localized prostate cancer and a rising prostate-specific antigen (PSA) level post-primary treatment. The men were randomized to receive Avodart (dutasteride @ 0.5 mg/day) or to receive a placebo. All of the men were receiving intermittent androgen deprivation therapy (IADT), which was stopped at month 9 if the PSA level was greater than 1.0 ng/mL. ADT was resumed when PSA increased to greater than or equal to 5.0 ng/mL. The trial end points included calculating the time the men were off treatment, their PSA nadir after 9 months of IADT, [...]

The Well Reviewed Guide to Advanced Prostate Cancer (A Survivor Perspective) Has Been Updated and is Now Available for a free Download

Somehow I have been negligent and not let people know that I have written and posted a major update of my “Guide to Advanced Prostate Cancer.” As in the past, it is available as a free download from the Malecare web site. Helping me to update the book was prostate cancer survivor Craig Pynn and my own caretaker, Wendy Lebowitz. Anyone reading the first edition will be surprised when you see how many changes and updates this edition has included. It now has a very extensive conversation about living in the world as a cancer survivor as well as more [...]

Looking Forward Towards the Future – Zytiga or Xtandi First After Provenge

What will happen when enzalutamide (Xtandi) is approved for use in advanced prostate cancer in the disease stage prior to chemotherapy (that is if it is approved)?  Already occupying this space and already approved by the FDA is both Provenge and abiraterone (Zytiga).  Where will Xtandi fit in? Until we have a lot more data, which will inform our doctors, we can only guess what the optimum treatment sequence should be to provide the longest survival opportunity.  So, here is my guess and my rational for my guess. The first FDA approved treatment used should be Provenge (although I personally [...]

Results of the Earl Access Trial of Enzalutamide Leading to the FDA Approval

Malecare was actively involved, along with its partners, in setting up the early access trial for enzalutamide (Xtandi).  The trial was conducted after the final Phase 3 AFFIRM trial that was eventually used to obtain FDA approval had been stopped, but before the FDA and received the final submission of the data.  Given the significant positive results of the trial we felt that the drug needed to become available to those in need even though the FDA had not yet approved the treatment. We accomplished this task by creating an Open-Label Single-Arm study to designed to monitor the drug’s safety [...]