Perhaps My Most Important Post

As we reach this holiday season I want to remind you that Malecare has been working to help you and your family survive longer and have a better quality of life. We have helped you in ways that you are aware of; like through this blog and by the Malecare Advanced Prostate Cancer Online Support Group. We also have been helping you in ways that you may not know about, such as with our advocacy efforts where we are the leading voice for Advanced Stage Prostate Cancer research funding and fair access to affordable treatments. You might not know, but Malecare [...]

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CMS Continues To Limit Coverage For NaF-18 PET Scans For Bone Metastases

There has been a lot of buzz around the new scanning contrasts that have come into limited usage for evaluating metastasized cancer cells that are in the bones. Despite the enthusiasm from the prostate and breast cancer communities, CMS (Medicare) continues to limit its financial coverage for PET scans using the contrast NaF-18 even though it has displayed an increased ability to detect bone metastases. In the past CMS, had been willing to pay for positron emission tomography or NaF-18 PET scans as long as physicians collected and reported the data on its use and put it into a clinical [...]

An Outrage in Leeds England – Prostate Cancer Survivor First Misdiagnosed & Then Stuck With £1,400 Bill For Chemotherapy

A story written by Dominic Horsley and published in the Yorkshire Evening Post claims that in May a 41 year old prostate cancer survivor from Woodlesford was referred to specialists at Leeds St James’s Hospital. He claimed that he had aches in his lower body but says t consultants told him that he was told he was “too young” to have prostate cancer. The making this determination the specialists didn’t consider that his father had already been diagnosed with prostate cancer. When he went to the Hospital he was told that he had prostatitis, an infection of the prostate. Despite [...]

Malecare and the New York State Prostate Cancer Coalition Are Victorious and Force the Hand of New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo to Fund $3,000,000 Towards Prostate Cancer Research

Approximately 2 years ago Malecare and the New York State Prostate Coalition began asking questions about where the State of New York was hiding approximately $3,000,000 in funding for prostate cancer research. Each year New York State residents are asked to check off a little box on their state tax return donating an additional dollar of their personal money to prostate cancer research. This little box was checked off about 3,000,000 times and $3,000,000 was sent to the State of New York. However, Malecare and the New York State Prostate Cancer coalition could find no record of even $1.00 having [...]