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Bald and More Likely To Die From Prostate Cancer!

There have been a number of studies that have linked male pattern baldness with a higher risk of developing prostate cancer. A possible explanation for why baldness is a risk factor for the development of prostate cancer is that hormones play a role in both baldness and in prostate cancer. We known that baldness joins the other risk factors; older age, black ancestry, a family history, and genetic mutations, such as BRCA mutations for the development of prostate cancer. A new study has added some urgency to the question of whether or not baldness is also a risk factor for [...]

African American Men Might Suffer From Prostate Cancer More Because of A Gene Alteration

African American men get more prostate cancer and more lethal forms of prostate cancer than men of other ethnicities. We  assume that a combination of genetic differences, lifestyle, nutritional and medical access were the reasons for this disparity. Understanding the role of these different possible contributors is important if we are to be able to better understand this disparity.  Understanding this disparity s important to being able to deliver effective interventions. In a study, “A Novel Genomic Alteration of LSAMP Associates with Aggressive Prostate Cancer in African American Men,”  published in EBioMedicine, researchers identified some distinct genomic variations that might [...]

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A Look Behind the Statistics Showing the Prostate Cancer Disparities Faced by Men of African Origin

Men of African origin are disproportionately affected by prostate cancer. You can read more Malecare's African American men and Prostate Cancer website, Twice As Many Three specific statistics tell the story. 1- In the United States, the incidence of prostate cancer is highest among men of African origin. 2- Prostate cancer mortality is highest among men of African origin who are in the Caribbean 3- Men of African origin living in sub-Saharan Africa, when diagnosed, have the highest tumor stage and grade of prostate cancer. Socioeconomic, educational, cultural, and genetic factors, as well as variations in care delivery and treatment [...]

Decipher® Test Predicts Radiation Failure and Identifies Candidates for Early Radiation Therapy Following Prostate Surgery

Last year GenomeDx Biosciences  presented  data  showing that its Decipher® Prostate Cancer Classifier (the test), a genomic test, is capable of predicting the probability that a man will eventually develop metastatic prostate cancer, despite having surgery as a primary treatment for prostate cancer.  The company claims that the test out performs other existing tests of clinical risk factors for predicting biochemical failure and the development of distant metastasis following primary surgery. In addition, researchers observed significant improvement in outcomes of those men with high risk Decipher results who received adjuvant radiation therapy earlier rather than later after surgery. The data [...]