The Cancer Moon Shot – Vice President Biden Speaks to the AACR

I recently returned home from the American Association of Cancer Researchers (AACR) annual meeting held in New Orleans, La. The meeting was, as usual fantastic, but this years conclusion was by far the best I have experienced. The meeting’s closing session was reserved for remarks about the cancer "moonshot" initiative from Vice President Joe Biden. Biden had initially talked about a moonshot for cancer following the death of his son Beau from stage 4 glioblastoma last year, but it was President Obama who formally announced it as a national priority at the State of the Union address in January and [...]

From 2012 AACR Meeting – Resveratrol Effects Prostate Cancer Cells

Resveratrol (3,4’-trihydroxystilbene) is a natural product that can be found in significant concentrations food products like red wine, peanuts, walnuts etc. There have been some evidence that indicates that resveratrol has anti-tumorigenic activity, including in prostate cancer tumors. The precise mechanism associated with resveratrol-induced SIRT1 activation and cancer cell growth inhibition remains unclear, but we do know that it does induce anti-tumor activities. At the recent AACR meeting in Chicago there was a phase 2 study looking at whether resveratrol intervention suppresses the development and progression of PIN (Prostatic Intraepithelial Neoplasia), thought to be a pre-cursor to the development of [...]

From the 2012 AACR Meeting – Pomegranate components modulate distinct pathways in prostate cancer cells

Pomegranate juice has long been in the folklore of prostate cancer survivors. Many of us use it with the goal of controlling our PSA. Most of the research evaluating the ability of pomegranate juice to control PSA has been funded by the juice manufacturers and must be looked at with skepticism. Dr. Radha Munagala and associates decided to evaluate the role pomegranate juice could play in the control of prostate cancer and to see what were the bio-active ingredients in pomegranate juice that controlled prostate cancer. In order to identify these bioactive components of pomegranate, the peel (P) and arils [...]

From the 2012 AACR Meeting – Systemic Inflammation and Survival in Men with Prostate Cancer: Evidence from the Glasgow Inflammation Outcome Study.

I met with Dr. Kashif Shafique of the University of Glasgow who was the senior author of a research poster presented at the meeting. He and his colleagues look at the relationship between systemic inflammation and prostate cancer survival. Since there is some evidence that pre-treatment of systemic inflammation in men may be associated with changes survival in men with prostate cancer they decided to examine this information from the Glasgow Inflammation Study to evaluate this evidence. The researchers said that since it is unclear whether this evidence is independent of the gleason grade and stage of the diagnosed prostate [...]