Radiotherapy Should Be Added to Hormone Therapy in Node-Positive Prostate Cancer as the New Standard of Care

In the normal course of events node-positive prostate cancer has typically been excluded from clinical trials. This leaves our oncologists with little evidence to guide the management for those of us who have this flavor of prostate cancer. A recent anaylisis presented at the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) 2014 Congress begins to shed some light on the management of node positive prostate cancer. The evidence presented indicated that radiotherapy (to the pelvis and lymph nodes) added to androgen-deprivation therapy (ADT) improves survival. In a post hoc analysis of the control arm of the phase III STAMPEDE trial it [...]

Updated Overall Survival (OS) Data from a Phase 3 Trial of Ipilimumab (Ipi) vs. Placebo in Men Post Chemotherapy

In a poster presentation at the recent European Society of Medical Oncologists (ESMO) there was a very interesting poster presented updating a phase 3 clinical trial (CA184-043) which evaluated the overall survival (OS) with radiotherapy (RT) followed by either the immunologic drug Ipilimumab (Ipi) or with a placebo. This trial did not meet its endpoint and was considered to have failed (Kwon ED, et al. Lancet Oncol 2014 in press), but it still remains of significant interest. The update included an additional year of data. In the trial 799 men were randomized to receive a single dose of radio therapy [...]