Caution – The FDA Has Limited The Usage of Nizoral (ketoconazole)

Nizoral (ketoconazole, keto) is an older drug that has been used as a part of hormone therapy (ADT) for many years.  Keto, which is an inexpensive anti-fungal drug had been used for many years as an inhibitor of adrenal androgen synthesis as is abiriterone (Zytiga). Ztiga has been shown to be more effective, however, it is occasionally considered for treatment of metastatic prostate cancer in situations where a man can not afford Zytiga or it is unavailable.  The use of Keto in this manner is totally "off label." If you decided to try this route you need to also be [...]

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U.S. Congress Passes Omnibus Funding with Significant Increases for Medical Research

We have some good news, the United States Congress has passed the Omnibus spending package.  The package will fund the U.S. Government through fiscal 2016.  We should take note that this bill includes a $2 billion increase for the National Institute of Health (NIH), a 5% increase for the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  The bill also includes funding for the Department of Defense Medical Research Program with an allocation of $80 million for the Prostate Cancer Research Program. My only disappointment is that the DOD PCRP (Prostate Cancer Research Program) didn't receive additional [...]

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US Government Begins to Crack Down on Clinical Trials Reporting

Yes, it is true, many clinical trial results are not published, especially negative results. This is even true for FDA approved drugs and treatments! Failing to publish, or actually hiding negative results and harmful side effects that occur in clinical trials is too common and jeopardizes each and everyone of us, including survivors of advanced prostate cancer. Under some new proposed legislation by the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) it would become harder in the United States to do this in the future. One of the proposals would require companies seeking the [...]

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Nationwide Recall of Gabapentin for the Treatment of Hot Flashes Resulting from Hormone Therapy (ADT)

The drug Gabapentin is occasionally prescribed to help control hot flashes resulting from hormone deprivation therapy (ADT). Today, Aurobindo Pharma USA, Inc. issued a voluntary nationwide recall of their Northstar Labeled Gabapentin Capsules, USP 300 mg 100 count bottle. The recall was issued on complaints about empty capsules in prescriptions received by patients. There is no indication that the drug is in any way contaminated or dangerous to anyone taking it as prescribed. The concern is that unknowingly taking empty capsules will mean that you will not be receiving the prescribed amount of medication. If you have any of the [...]

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