NHS (UK) Fast Tracks Chemotherapy for Men Who Are Still Hormone Sensitive

One of the frustrations faced by men in the UK has been the Guideline that restrictes the use of chemotherapy (docetaxel) to only men who have already failed hormone therapy (ADT). This Guideline directly contradicts the current, cutting edge evidence that, in certain circumstances, earlier chemotherapy increases survival. The good news is that the NHS has revisited this Guideline and, in their wisdom, agreed to modify it so that men, with advanced prostate cancer, can now be prescribed chemotherapy immediately. Now, men in the UK are able to access chemotherapy even while they remain sensitive to ADT. Given that prostate [...]

NICE Recommends Xtandi, but Not Zytiga in the Pre-Chemotherapy Stage of Advanced Prostate Cancer Treatment

NICE, which serves as a cost-effectiveness agency has said in a draft guidance that it supports the use of Xtandi (enzalutamide) in men whose prostate cancer has spread after the failure of first-line therapy (i.e. ADT), but for whom chemotherapy is not yet necessary. The agency found that Xtandi can delay the need for chemotherapy, is well tolerated, and improves survival.  After their review they have determined that Xtandi is an appropriate use of NHS resources, with an incremental cost-effectiveness ration of £34,500 compared to best supportive care. On the other hand NICE was less impressed with Johnson & Johnson's [...]

An Outrage in Leeds England – Prostate Cancer Survivor First Misdiagnosed & Then Stuck With £1,400 Bill For Chemotherapy

A story written by Dominic Horsley and published in the Yorkshire Evening Post claims that in May a 41 year old prostate cancer survivor from Woodlesford was referred to specialists at Leeds St James’s Hospital. He claimed that he had aches in his lower body but says t consultants told him that he was told he was “too young” to have prostate cancer. The making this determination the specialists didn’t consider that his father had already been diagnosed with prostate cancer. When he went to the Hospital he was told that he had prostatitis, an infection of the prostate. Despite [...]