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ASCO Publishes Two Independent Research Programs from Malecare

Malecare not only is the world’s largest prostate cancer support and education organization it also is responsible for prostate cancer research which has been recognized and published by the world’s largest organization of oncologists, the American Society of Clinical Oncologists (ASCO). At the last ASCO GU Conference Malecare presented a poster and had published an abstract titled, “Understanding Prostate Cancer Survivorship Relative to Co-Habitation”   ( The findings of this research contradicted the long-standing belief that men in a marriage lived longer because they were in a marriage. We concluded that we have to look for reasons unrelated to personal relationships [...]

A Step Towards Understanding How To Get A Fair Value For The Dollars Spent For Advanced Prostate Cancer Treatment

In the treatment of prostate cancer the first very expensive drug we had that was FDA approved was Provenge, with an initial cost of $93,000 for a one-month’s treatment protocol. Today, the cost is in excess of $106,000. According to the phase III clinical trial result Provenge extends life by a median of 4.1 months, or under current costs each additional month comes with a price tag of approximately $26,000! Now, with Zytiga costing over $8,500 per month with a median life extension of 4.4 months, Jevtana costing $11,000 per month with a median 2 month life extension (TROPIC), Xtandi [...]

Hope To See You At The PCRI Patient Conference in September

I have always recommended and continue to recommend that any PROSTATE CANCER survivor and caregiver interested in learning more about the disease attend the annual PCRI survivor conference in Los Angeles, California.   I  feel that this conference is well worth attending and it is fun too; a weekend full of outstanding educational sessions about the latest developments in prostate cancer care and treatment. Topics discussed range from new treatment options, lifestyle concerns and quality of life issues faced by PROSTATE CANCER survivors. Lectures and interactive question and answer sessions are presented by world-renowned physicians and researchers on the hottest issues [...]

How Men Can Preserve Their Emotional Well Being When Fighting Advanced Prostate Cancer -Ideas For Interventions

In a study performed in the UK researchers explored how men with advanced prostate cancer support their personal well being. The study analyzed the practices used by five (5) men with advanced prostate cancer to maintain their emotional wellbeing. Information about the men’s individual practices was taken from face-to-face, semi-structured, in-depth interviews with the five subjects. The interviews provided the researchers with rich narratives of lost and regained wellbeing. The researchers found that two superordinate themes emerged - 'living with an imminent and uncertain death' and 'holding on to life.' The men reflected that their well being was threatened by [...]