Describing My Experience Being Diagnosed With A Fifth Cancer – A Video To Watch

I attend the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) meeting in Chicago in May.  As usual, it was exciting and it provides me with a fantastic opportunity to catch up with the current research in advanced prostate cancer.  It also gives me an opportunity to meet with and have private conversations with some of the greatest researchers in prostate cancer. In addition I am occasionally asked to share a survivor perspective to the meeting.  Over the last few meetings I have also made some videos with Patient Power.  At this last meeting I made a video about my experience having [...]

Chemo-Brain and ADT for Advanced Prostate Cancer – Does It Exist?

When I went on my first round of hormone therapy (ADT) I experienced severe cognitive side effects. I found it impossible to concentrate, read and remember anything. I lost the ability to navigate the New York City subways no less drive my car to a destination. Occasionally, when I was attempting to navigate the subway I found it necessary to get off the train, go upstairs (losing my fare) and call my wife Wendy so that I could describe what I saw so she could remind me where I was headed and how to get there from where I described. [...]

A Healthy and Happy Thanksgiving Day Each Day of the Year

To all of my American readers and anyone else who celebrates, I wish you a healthy and happy Thanksgiving.  To those of you who do not celebrate Thanksgiving Day,  I want to point out that it  can still  be a time that is important for  all of us.  It's always good to take time, take a deep breath and appreciate what we do have.  It is always good to take stock of all the bounties that we each have no matter if we have just a few or many.  Even though we have cancer we have many gifts and blessings [...]

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Video Introduction of Start A Cure – A Crowd Funding Project to Support Cancer Research

I have shared with you information about  Malecare’s new prostate cancer research funding project called Start A Cure                                   ( ) in prior posts.  I want to remind you about the project and share a link of a video about the project. I was invited, along with Dr. Pallor of Johns Hopkins (one of our research investigators) to present the Start A Cure project as well as her specific research proposal at a recent disparities conference in Washington D.C.  My presentation describing the [...]

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