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ASCO Releases A Statement of Principles Balancing Patient Access to Opioids with Curbing Drug Abuse

The American Association of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) released a very important new policy statement that details their position surrounding the prescribing of  opioids to cancer patients. This issue has taken the forefront of controversy as our society increasingly becomes concerned about the overuse of prescription opioids, sometimes leaving out the very specific needs of cancer patients. In the statement, ASCO has indicated that they support the concern and efforts to prevent prescription drug abuse. However, ASCO has expressed concerned for cancer patients with legitimate need for these drugs and says that it will work to protect access to appropriate medical [...]

The Financial Burden of Cancer Has Become A Toxicity Like Hair Loss And Nausea

My good friend and fellow advocate Mike Scott (Prostate Cancer Info Link) introduced me to a new web site produced by the University of Chicago called Cost of Care ( The site is designed around the novel idea that the cost we must pay for our cancer care has become another negative side effect or toxicity that we endure, along with our hair loss, our nausea, our pain and our distress, we suffer as we fight our cancer. There has been a lot written about the horrendously escalating costs of our cancer medications, many of which have been artificially increased [...]

Role of Anxiety Reduction in Men with a Prostate Cancer Recurrence

Increasingly, we have become better informed about the possible role of psychological and spiritual interventions in the treatment of cancer, specifically for this post in men with locally advanced prostate cancer. This post is limited to just discussing the possible interventions specifically in men with a Biochemical Prostate Cancer Recurrence, commonly referred to as a PSA only recurrence. Men who have this type of recurrence are asymptomatic, or they have no symptoms. Their only indication of a prostate cancer recurrence is a rising PSA. Despite the current research (CaPSURE, showing that early intervention does not extend survival, most men [...]

Remembering Andrew And Learning From A 28 Year Old Wise Man

Yesterday, my younger son Max, who is 28 years old, went to the funeral of a fraternity brother. Actually, the young man, Andrew, had been a member of his pledge class at the University of Michigan. Andrew, who was also 28 years old, died of Pediatric Brain Cancer.  Andrew had battled this disease for over three years and despite two significant rallies the cancer eventually overwhelmed his body. Andrew knew that his death was imminent. His doctors informed him and his family that they no longer had any available means to keep him alive and that at best he should [...]