Agent Orange

What Does the Prostate Cancer CDMRP Do And Why Is It So Important?

The problems created by Senator McCain continue to be ever present.  Our friend, Senator Durbin has asked that we provide his office with additional background about the military nature of the research performed by the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs (CDMRP), including the Prostate Cancer Research Program (PCRP). In addition there is a very misguided support group leader from a southern California city who has responded to Malecare in a very negative manner to my request for your  support in encouraging  the continued funding of the PCRP CDMRP.  This support group leader, despite his great work and efforts in helping [...]

Funding Time for the DOD Prostate Cancer Research Program – Help Us To Protect It

Malecare has been an active and early member of the Defense Health Research Consortium. The consortium currently consists of 47 different organizations, which educate and advocate for research Department of Defense funding for multiple different diseases and syndromes. The consortium’s goal is to lobby Congress to continue to and to expand support for the Department of Defense Medical Research Program (DOD CDMRP). The second largest funded program of the DOD CDMRP is for research in prostate cancer (PCRP). To date, the accomplishments of the PCRP have been most impressive. The funded research has brought about the development some of our [...]

Agent Orange Exposure? Your Children & Grandchildren Might Be At Risk!

A large number of the readers of this blog either have had exposure to Agent Orange or have family members who have had the exposure. We know that for those men exposed their risks for developing prostate cancer are greatly increased. Besides an increased risk of developing the cancer there is evidence that Agent Orange exposure also increases a man’s risk for developing more aggressive prostate cancer. On the Malecare Advanced Prostate Cancer Online Support Group a member recently posted important information about agent orange exposure and its possible effects on the children and grandchildren of men who have been [...]